Course curriculum

  • Week 1: Building the Foundation
    • Mastering your mindset and overcoming Imposter Syndrome, picking your niche to stand out from your competition, creating your ideal client avatar, optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Week 2: How to Source Leads
    • 6 proven methods for sourcing leads, how to qualify your leads, tracking down the best contact
  • Week 3: Sending Your Cold Emails
    • Designing your email signature, sending your cold emails, how to follow up, how to schedule a call with leads
  • Week 4: Mastering the Phone Call
    • Perfecting your mindset, how to develop your phone script, how to talk money with confidence and precision (even if you hate getting on the phone)
  • Week 5: Measuring, Testing, Adjusting
    • Studying your open rate, CTA conversion rate, and close rate
  • Week 6: Setting You Up for Long-Term Success
    • Accelerating the formula to speed up results, automating and outsourcing

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